Why we do what we do

Every number you see stands for a person, often a child, with hopes, dreams, and loved ones who cherished them. Children and families in the U.S. are facing a vast problem, but Angel Protection is the solution.

Regarding school-based shootings, to date in 2022, there have been at least 95 incidents of gunfire on school premises, resulting in 40 deaths and 76 injuries.


Introducing angel protection systems

While communities can advance many school safety measures on their own, our experience tells us that keeping schools safe requires a team effort and the combined resources of the federal. state, and local governments; school boards; law enforcement; and the public.

Angel Protection is on a mission to transform crisis response by delivering affordable technology solutions that help you focus and increase safety, optimize efficiency, and save lives. Our team is comprised of proven innovators, engineers, and scientists who are passionately-driven to help protect people from violent threats.

There is not a constituent in Texas, or Nevada, or Connecticut, that would say they are copacetic with the level of security in our schools today. Our Angel Protection technology is a surefire solution to keep our loved ones safe.