How It Works

24/7 Security Devices IoT Safety Devices


Angel Protect offers features that will aid in preventing tragedies where a gun is discharged outside of a school and if an active shooter enters the school through any open or unlocked doors.

Angel Guard has the ability to lock and unlock doors with IoT-enabled sensors to operate keyless entry devices that allow users to access doors remotely, through the Angel App or other internet-connected devices.


Angel Protect is the hub of the entire security suite.

Angel Protect gives operations teams the ability to pre-plan every detail of automatic threat response by creating customized, pre-programmed workflows, to speed a well-coordinated response to any type of threat. 

Angel Protect utilizes your existing security infrastructure and integrates the Angel Suite Products to support existing safety processes and protocols. Angel Protect ultimately enhances your ability to identify, respond and protect faster than ever before. 


Give your team and first responders the tools for faster, safer, & easier resolution.

Add IoTalk, through the mobile app, to enable mass announcements, notifications and 911 access using your exact location and supplying images and other vital information to our Live Agents. This information will be shared with First Responders to ensure the most accurate information is available to them.

Enable the full IoTalk to plan out all Tip responses, customize announcements, implement detailed workflows and interface with the full Angel Protection Suite of products.

Automatic Lockdown


Immediately lockdown your campus either automatically or after human verification of a detected threat.

ADD-ON: Bulletproof laminate can also be installed to prevent the forced entry of a culprit through glass.